Sunday, 17 May 2009

Afon Mel Honey Wine

My second mead from the New Quay Honey Company, and I have a fair amount of faith that they are experts of the craft, so should be good.

The first scent is a sweet tangy mead, which is reassuring as my last experiments have been with a Metheglin, a Melomel and a honey brandy.

Quite a light color and the first sip is a delight, that taste of honey is back with a sweet lightness of a decent mead. There’s an aftertaste but a quick pleasant one, so no bother.

It’s a sunny day, so better with ice, but I should save the rest as I have guests arriving imminently to play boardgames. Still it is delightful when cold, so perhaps one more glass.

The bottle is an informative as the Blackberry Mead, my only concern is the emphasis on it being a honey wine mead, and a dessert wine so perhaps there is a grape base here, but I think not.

Now this is a fine, fine mead but is it as good at the Lurganshall mead I tried weeks and weeks ago? Perhaps I need a more detailed rating system than just what I felt at the time. Hmmm, much pondering to follow.


  1. Just cracked a bottle of this to hurrah the Higgs Boson, I must agree with everything you say - it is quite a treat. It has a lovely tingle and a very light heather-ish after taste & it tastes how Wales make me feel. It has a dry cider-like bitterness at the back of the tongue which is interesting & strikes at the same time as the honey. I think we will get it again. Very much "wine".

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